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Our Products Could Help You

Immuno Laboratories has been recognized as one of the most reproducible diagnostic testing facility by colleges, physicians, and independent studies. Additionally our delayed food reactivity test (Bloodprint®) comes with a nutritional program and 100% money back guarantee. We want to truly alleviate your symptoms; not manage them.

We are passionate about our vision of a world, allergy-free and we can only do it through reliable, reproducible testing. We won two awards from the Case-in-Point Platinum Awards held by Dorland Health! (We will have more info about our awards and reproducibility soon...)

We have two main tests: our Bloodprint® (delayed reactivity) and our Airborne & Food Allergy Panel (immediate reactivity).

Please choose which one describes your issues the best:

BloodPrint™ Diagnostic Testing and Nutritional Program

There is more than a 95% chance that something you are eating every day is actually toxic to your system!

What is the BloodPrint test?

Years ago scientists discovered your body has an internal chemical balance that is as unique to you as your fingerprint. Likewise, every food you eat has its own "chemical balance"

Experience Bloodprint® Test

Environmental & Food Allergy Tests (Immuno's IgE)

Some individuals experience immediate (Type I) allergy symptoms when exposed to pollens, dust, animal dander and foods. Previously, skin testing with its attendant patient's risks and discomfort, was used to diagnose these IgE mediated allergy reactions (skin prick testing).

When we perform an Airborne & Food Allergy Panel (Immuno's

Experience Environmental Test Assay Panels

Immuno Lab Is natural

We get our delightful colors and flavors from all natural sources - hello purple carrots!

Immuno Lab Is Different

Never before has taking your vitamins been so easy, effective and dare we say, fun.

Get everything from recipes to new products to stories from our Immuno community.

Reflex Tests

You must do one of our core tests BloodPrint or Environmental & Food in order to do any of the following tests:

Candida Albicans

A form of Candidiasis has emerged which manifests symptom Learn More

Anti-Gliadin Assay

Over 100 chronic conditions, including celiac disease, have been Learn More

Sub-Fraction: Egg

The two main components of egg are egg-white and egg-yolk Learn More

Total Immunoglobulin E

Immunoglobulins of the IgE class play an important role in mediating Learn More

Sub-Fraction: Milk

Many patients ask their physicians if they can eat curd or whey protein Learn More

Helicobacter Pylori

Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), a curved bacillus colonizes Learn More

Tissue Transglutaminase

A form of Candidiasis has emerged which manifests symptom Learn More

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