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BloodPrint | Immunolabs | Patients

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BloodPrint™ Diagnostic Testing and Nutritional Program

There is more than a 95% chance that something you are eating every day is actually toxic to your system!
Which BloodPrint is right for you?
*The number (154, 115, 88, 108, 104) represents how many foods we test you for in that test*

When we perform a BloodPrint test, you can also add other tests. Learn More »

What is the BloodPrint test?

Years ago scientists discovered your body has an internal chemical balance that is as unique to you as your fingerprint. Likewise, every food you eat has its own "chemical balance" – a unique set of natural or man-made chemicals.

As your body reacts differently to each and every food, the food you eat each day will enhance proper body chemistry, or disrupt the correct balance. In fact, 95% of the people we've tested show that one or more foods they regularly eat cause a toxic reaction in their body.

You might not even notice these toxic reactions. Most of them work at a cellular level, and may cause symptoms that you won't notice right away. Or, you might not EVER make the connection that what you're eating is actually damaging your body.

So, nutritious foods you eat (like corn, soy, egg whites, green pepper, whey, or chicken, for example) may actually act like a poison in your body. When you eat foods that form toxins in your system, those foods can cause harmful, chronic problems with your health.

The way we measure how your body reacts to the foods you eat is through the Bloodprint test, which pinpoints the foods that support healthy body chemistry and those that are toxic to you.

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